2016 L's Blog, Sunday evening

Another great day at camp!  I started out slow and got in a funk.  Just felt out of sorts, and I can't really identify why.  Maybe a combination of stuff.  Anyway there were a lot of day brighteners so I'm happy to report I feel back to my old self.  Namely my husband arrived at camp after a week in Europe.  Pretty cool that within 22 hours of arriving in the US he is up at camp!  The morning was gloomy, cloudy, misty and damp, but after lunch things really brightened up and the sun came out.  Blue Sky!  Humidity disappeared and it was a beautiful day.  Right before lunch one of the cooks seemed to sense I needed a pick-me-up so he offered that I could make brownies!  Having hot brownies to eat did the trick and the rest of camp loved it too.  I have pictures but don't remember how to add them to the blog.  So they may come later. 

Also before lunch was the religious service.  We used a traditional BSA religious service with readings and familiar songs.  The older boys led it and did a great job.

Lunch was sandwiches, turkey and ham, with fixins, Doritos, carrots, celery, broccoli, with dip, and of course the brownies, 

Then it was afternoon at the beach, which is always a great place to be!  I watched the canoeing MB do some of their on-shore stuff.  Then we staffed up for the big swimming MB group.  We had 6 first years, and one more from last year who didn't complete everything.  (He wasn't happy about having to be in Swimming again.)  The water this year is much colder than it was the last 2-3 years.  It had been cold years previous, but recently it was warmer.  So it was more shocking to get in the water this year.  We took two at a time to do a swim qual.  Of the six first year boys, four passed the swim qual. One of the ones who didn't pass tried three times, but just couldn't keep the stamina.  I was very impressed with his determination.  The second one who didn't pass wasn't happy about the lake water and running into the occasional seaweed.  I admit, not my favorite thing either, but it comes with the territory.  We do have boys every year who that is an issue.  Typically that is boys who have only swam in a pool and the lake just has added issues.  The four who passed, included one very good swimmer who seemed to effortlessly glide through the water.  I'm always impressed by that.  We will continue to work with all of them and after today, I feel very hopeful for completing many of the requirements for that MB.  In addition to the six first year boys, we had a boy who took Swimming last year and just didn't have time to finish one last requirement.  The big one.  We convinced him to give it a try today and he completed that final requirement with flying colors.  So he is now graduated from Swimming and will move on to another MB during fourth period.  That was a relief to all that he finished that.  

After swimming was activity period where the Eagles patrol had activity at the beach.  They decided they wanted to do their swim qual to get it out of the way, and then just wanted to swim around the beach which was fine with us.

Open swim had everyone at the beach and we finished up the last few swim quals and then we watched the boys enjoy the beach and the raft.  It is always nice to see how the older and younger boys interact with each other, especially on the raft and how they look out for each other.  It really is a nice bonding time for them.  

Then it was time to clean up for dinner and we had a fabulous meal of spaghetti, homemade garlic bread, salad, peaches.  I have to dwell on that garlic bread for a bit.  Not that the other stuff isn't deserving of accolades, but this bread really stood out.  So they made this bread from scratch; I mean flour, sugar, yeast, etc.  They rolled the dough out, spread it with garlic butter and rolled it up again.  So everyone got several slices of spiral, pinwheel bread.  Oh my gosh, was it ever amazing.  Crispy crust on the outside and tender, garlicky bread on the inside.  

I want to remark on the moon.  Last night the moon was so bright.  Not sure what makes it so, but it was like a spotlight in the sky and it was maybe only about 3/4 a moon.  So that was cool.  I'm still enjoying all the nature sounds, especially at night.  Did I mention the frogs?  More loons at the beach today; one of the boys commented when we got out of the water that the loons were in our swim area.  Fun.  Then when I was alone at the beach inbetween periods, an eagle flew over our two docks.  

So that brings me to current, and I'm anxious to get down to the beach and enjoy some peace and quiet with my hubby.  

More later as I think of it.  I believe the email blasts of my blog posts are shut off now, but no promises there. If so, pass along to others that you need to go to the troop website to read them.  troop370.net/voyager-bay  

cheerful community service during freetime

cheerful community service during freetime

brownies cut and ready to serve - never mind the piece missing in the bottom right corner

brownies cut and ready to serve - never mind the piece missing in the bottom right corner