2016 L's blog, Sunday Morning

Well so it looks like we can't shut off my blogs going out in the daily email blast, so my apologies to all of you who are getting this and don't want it.  

Campfire last night was pretty nice.  The boys were quite enthusiastic and had put some thought into their skits and it was fun to watch.  We had moved the schedule up to try to finish things early so the boys could get into their tents before the rain/storm came.  While at campfire that weather moved back again so there was plenty of time to get to the tents.  I read in my tent and it was nice to hear the gentle rain falling.  I think the rain has mostly stopped by the time I fell asleep.  Radar showed rain coming through again right at wake up time, so I got up and tried to beat that, but ended up walking right in the middle of it.  I saw one tent wide open with no occupant so I stopped to close it.  I was dressed for the rain so all was good.

Breakfast was pancakes, bacon, oranges and apples.  Now we are preparing for first period.  The boys are cleaning up from breakfast.  

Jeff arrives this morning.  I haven't seen him in a week so I'm glad.  Hopefully the tent stayed dry for him.  I should go check that.   

Things seem to be running smoothly; I haven't heard of problems. Nice group of people.