2016 L's blog, Monday Night just before bed

Lunch today was a greek lunch with Gyros, rice, pasta salad.  I was still full from the huge breakfast of egg bake, warm buttermilk biscuits, fruit.  I had a monster piece of egg bake.  Dinner tonight was the famous smoked pork from the new and improved smoker.  It was delicious as expected, along with baked beans, cole slaw, and warm corn muffins. 

I heard at dinner some of the younger boys were at the gun range for afternoon activity period and shot rifles – maybe A-Team and sharks?  It sounded like they had fun.  Some of the other younger boys went to the archery range – maybe the Norwahls? 

I saw a group of five loons today.  It seemed as though they were practicing running across the top of the water, because one by one they each tried it – with lots of loon calls too.

Swimming MB this afternoon we practiced strokes – front crawl, back crawl, side stroke, breast stroke and elementary back stroke.  One of the requirements is using those 5 strokes and swimming 150 yards.  Three of the boys decided to give it a try and passed this requirement.   For those three, they have completed the hardest requirement of the MB, in my opinion.  We still have lots to cover, but they won’t have much trouble finishing.  The two boys from yesterday who didn’t complete the swim qual gave it another go today and both passed.  That is a lot of swimming and we are strict that they complete this requirement without stopping.  So now every scout has passed the swim qual.  We had a few extra minutes so we all swam out to the raft and practiced diving.  At open swim, all were allowed to go out to the swim raft.  They had a lot of fun there today. 

Evening activity we had the A-Team and Shark patrols for canoeing.  I thought they did quite well and we all had an enjoyable time.  The water on the lake was like glass. 

I’ve had some really itchy bites yesterday and today.  Quite a few in the tender, thin skin around my ankle bone.  They aren’t mosquito bites so either deer flies or horse flies.  I’m going with deer flies.  They must have bit through my socks.  I don’t always feel those when they bite me but then the bites stick around for days.  Both deer and horse flies like to bite wet skin of people who are swimming or are just out of the water.  That is a nasty side effect of being at the beach.  It is hard to protect ourselves when we are in the water, or freshly out.

Weather was quite perfect today. I can’t tell you temperatures, but winds were calm, sky was blue and temps were comfortable.  Last night sleeping was again cool, just how I love it. I’m hoping for at least one more cool night before the heat rolls in.  Those expected hot and humid days are when I’m glad I’m at the beach.  It always seems a bit cooler than the rest of the camp, and if we are too hot we can get in the water. 

The boys seem to be real happy when I pass them around camp.  They are always cheerful and having a good time. 

Tonight was a group campfire.  The skits were impressive, each patrol had something prepared, and the alumni group even did TWO songs.  There was a Prince theme with one song “Same Camp Shirt Everyday” a al Raspberry Beret.  Now I’ll head to bed. I was really exhausted around mid-day.  I’ve been sleeping well, but I think waking up a bit earlier than normal.

Oh, someone told me today those trumpety sounding birds were Trumpeter Swans.  I thought of those but didn’t realize they were up here.  He confirmed there is a nest of them nearby.


Canoeing MB.  They were swamping and recovering.

Canoeing MB.  They were swamping and recovering.

Night at the beach with the full moon

Night at the beach with the full moon