2016 L's blog Tuesday evening

Its was warmer today.  The AC doesn't seem to work like it used to in the computer lab.  So I'm going to make this short so I can get down to the beach where there was a nice breeze.  The second group of first years - maybe Narwahls?? - will have a canoe activity period soon.  Open swim went well.  I made brownies and the boys will each get a piece just before activity period tonight.  Swimming MB went well.  We have one scout leaving early due to a family emergency so we wanted to hurry through a few things today.   The requirements had to do with different types of rescues, and survival skills.  We will probably review them again tomorrow.  The cold water felt good today.  Chicken tonight with potato salad, cole slaw, carrots, celery.  Delicious!!

Sounds like it will be warmer tomorrow.  more humid too.  

Saw an eagle down along the water fishing today.  There were four up in the sky earlier today. The loons are frequent visitors.  

A shout out to a few who have emailed me notes: Dean, Janet, Nubia.  They are MUCH appreciated!