2016 L's Blog Tuesday Morning

Is it Tuesday?  The days all muddle together for me.  I got a good night's sleep last night but then I did the nights previous too, or so I thought I did.  I hope I don't feel the exhaustion today that I felt yesterday.

I wish I could share more what the rest of the camp is doing while I'm busy at the beach, but it is what it is.  I know the boys are busy with fasttrack which will hopefully move them along on the rank advancement.  The goal is to help them get to first class more quickly.  Most of the boys are almost done with tenderfoot.  Based on what I've seen in the past, and how I work with swimming, while sometimes it can feel like school, I don't push the boys.  If they choose to goof off, or not participate, they don't get the requirements done.  I offer lots of encouragement, and many second chances, but ultimately it is up to the boys to want to earn whatever it is they are working on.  Some boys do this better than others.

Breakfast today was french toast, sausage, apples, oranges.  Sometime ask an alumnus the history of why our troop hosts our own camp.  The story will probably address chocolate mashed potatoes.  We eat so well here!!!

One thing I remember from my son being a boy scout is how I thought he came home so much more mature from camp.  Each year he seemed more independent.  They are learning so much more than merit badges here, and there are quite a number of committed adults here who watch over and guide them to make good decisions.  Its a great learning process that we see happening here.  

Finally, I have an earworm today.  "Same Shirt Everyday", sung to the tune of "Raspberry Beret".  Some of the boys I don't think caught the irony of this song based on what they are wearing this morning, or maybe they did.  haha.  Anyway, I'm singing it.  

PS I tried for 15 minutes to load a picture here of my breakfast this morning and struck out.  I'll try in the next blog.