2016 L's Blog Wednesday evening

Afternoon Swimming MB completed more requirements.  Today we worked on head first and feet first surface dives.  Also swimming underwater while doing a surface dive.  We also did the Beginners swim test for either Second or First class requirements.  I signed off their BSA books on swimming requirements for rank advancements that they had achieved – for the boys who brought their books.  We also practiced diving.  Some came in diving, some have learned how to dive, and we have I think two who have been able to dive from a kneeling position and hopefully they will be diving from their feet tomorrow.  That is a tough one for some people because of course naturally our body wants to protect the head and not allow the head to go first.  But once the boys are comfortable with diving, they find it is a lot of fun.

The boys are much more comfortable in the water now.  The first few days I think a few of the boys were uncomfortable with swimming in a lake.  There is a small amount of seaweed under the water as you swim out deeper.  I don’t notice the hesitation anymore.  I noticed today and several other remarked as well how clear the water seems today.  It has been very clear all week.  This lake is typically clear, but it is exceptional this year. 

Dinner tonight was hamburgers with fixins, French fries, carrots, celery, broccoli ,and chocolate pudding.  The hamburgers seemed exceptionally good tonight.  The beach does not have activity tonight so we get freetime at the beach, so we are enjoying sitting with the beautiful view.

There is a kind of climate change in camp.  The beach today was very comfortable, and the water is still a bit bracing.  But as you walk up the road, it gets hotter and more humid.  I’m glad when I can spend time at the beach. 

The fly bites are getting to me.  They last for days and each mandatory-bath/open-swim I get a new batch.

Campfire tonight.  I passed a few boys from Shark and Narwhals patrols building the campfire at the group site. 

The kitchen staff deserve an extra thanks from me.  That kitchen gets darn hot and they just keep churning out the wonderful food. 

The AC upstairs of the A-frame seems to be pulling it's weight better than it was earlier in the week.  Nate said he cleaned the filter.  It's cooler up there today.  Yesterday it was warmer up there than outside!  

Someone commented that all the first year boys got emails.  I was late getting out of the beach and late to dinner assembly, but if that's true, thanks to all of you for reading, and heeding the call!