2016 L's Blog - Thursday evening

Everything is good. I know I said I'd only write if something was happening but I guess we have wireless up and running now.  We have one generator and that is keeping the refrigerators alive, but I guess they also have the cable up (needed for phone calls) and then plugged in for wireless.  My laptop has a bit of battery, but it will run down fast.  

I see many of you have sent emails to your sons and I think we will get it to them somehow.  I'm not sure if the printer has power, so maybe it will be them reading it on my laptop.  

This morning was all camp work.  There were many trees down across the road and paths, so the adults were chainsawing all the downed trees, and the boys came behind to pickup small branches and sticks etc.  It was hot tiring work for everyone, and that was after a very minimal night of sleep.  A few people were awake all night, but most got about 2-4 hours of sleep.  The boys ended up sleeping in the storm shelter, so they got a bit more. I was really dragging throughout the day today - combination of storm fatigue, tired of itching from bug bites, lack of sleep, etc.  

This afternoon we started merit badge work again for 3rd and 4th period.  So I was down at the beach.  The boys did a fabulous job on the swimming MB all week and most finished everything, although a couple didn't finish some of the swimming requirements. Tomorrow we plan to do some "fun" things.  Me getting in the water this afternoon helped me re-center and I feel much better this evening.  We are having a later dinner because with no electricity, things are taking a bit longer to cook.  But it still will be a fabulous meal.  It is the camp joke that it always rains on pork chop night.  And while it did rain in the early hours, we have been feeling the effects of it all day with the downed trees and power out.  I should mention that if you came to camp right now you would never know there was issue with downed trees.  All is back to normal - except for no power.  

I heard someone mention that in town there are lots of trees downed on powerlines, so they don't expect power here for 5 days.  That is always hard to predict though.

I realize this is a somewhat disjointed email, but I want to get off my computer while I still have battery.  We are all good and still enjoying this beautiful camp.  I can't emphasize enough the amazing camp staff here and how hard they work to make the camp a great experience for the boys.  The boys will remember this week for a long time!!