2016 L's Blog - Thursday Morning

Some excitement here last night.  A storm came through so we implemented our severe weather plan and used our storm shelter.  All worked as expected and we had everyone accounted for quickly.  The light of day brought time to survey the camp and there are some downed trees, as well as eating tents scattered about.  We don't have power, and given how widespread the storm was, we are not expecting to have power anytime soon.  We had breakfast this morning of cereal, oatmeal, bread, fruit.  The meat is in the smoker so we are expecting to have pork tacos today for lunch.  If I were to be stuck in the northwoods, this is the group of people I'd want to be with.  Since power is unavailable, I doubt I will be providing you with many more blogs, but I wanted you all to know that all are doing well at camp.  We know that parents can worry but I assure you we all are great!  The boys are rolling with the different schedule well.  If there is something exceptionally notable, I'll post another blog.