2016 -L's Blog Friday Morning

I asked a group of adults for suggestions for the blog and I got: (said in an excited, out of breath voice) "Day 2 of no power, water is scarce, there was fighting for sausages at breakfast!"

Definitely things are not that dire!  But we do miss power.  For me personally, I miss not having running water.  I'm a soap and water kind of gal and am always washing my hands (I work in a school.)  Others don't have this issue.  We have giant push bottles of hand sanitizer and that seems fine for everyone else.  We still have the lake for washing water (boiled and sanitized).  I'm guessing the cooks have it the hardest without power as they have to get more creative making the food, and they are very limited on cooking options (propane stoves, grills) and it takes much longer to prepare.  

Fortunately, because we have learned from losing power before, that we plan for the heavy, electric cooking meals up front in case we lose power they can switch the meals around.  In this case the less electric intensive meals were at the end of the week.  Today breakfast was a similar meal as yesterday - cereal, hot oatmeal, biscuits, PB&J, bananas, oranges, apples.  

Also fortunately because we want the boys to drink plenty of water, we have started filtering the water.  This means we have a (or several) large tanks of filtered water.  So drinking water is not an issue, so long as no one uses it for washing!!

Friday afternoon is the traditional NODEATH lunch.  (NODEATH is the acronym for the scout alumni - don't ask me what it stands for, I don't know.)  So leftovers are kept throughout the week and Friday lunch the meal is "served" by NODEATH.  Last year it was pretty tame, and there aren't as many NODEATH around this year today.  But traditionally the NODEATH come in costume and try to intimidate the boys in a fun way.  The boys don't get a choice in what food they get, and it all gets thrown on their trays.  Some end up with some very odd combinations.  We never know what to expect, and that is the same for this year.  The boys really the excitement of this.  There are traditionally brownies at the end, but sadly I can't bake those this year.  

Good sleeping weather last night.  It was cool.  I think humid too.  I'm not using my phone much to conserve battery so don't really know the dewpoint or temperature.  I went to sleep earlier than normal and other than a latrine stop, slept through the night.  Temps are starting off cool this morning, but I think I heard we are expecting another day in the 90s. Much better here than the city.

Schedule is as normal  today, so 4 MB periods.  No breakfast cleanup dishes as we used all disposable.

Emails from last night - didn't get printed because printer needs power.  But they all read the emails on my computer.

I'm down to 34 minutes of battery, or 24% so signing off - for now.