2016 L's Blog Sunday Morning - Final

I'm home and still in recovery, mainly from bug bites.  I don't know what happened to me this year but the volume of fly bites I got were unexpected.  The bites don't show up for a day and a half so I had some even appear this morning from open swim Friday night.  For me they last a long time and are relentless in the itching.  The flies seem to be relentless when the skin is wet at the beach, so with all my in and out of the water I was especially susceptible.  The mosquitoes were very tolerable for me this year though.  

Final days at camp. Friday afternoon, in addition to completing merit badge periods and open swim, was spent in various clean up and pack up activities.  There is a good amount of work that goes into setting up the camp in the two days before start, and at the end of camp all that needs to be taken down, cleaned and stored for the next year.  We have some very committed volunteers who make this all happen, and also coordinate the boys in helping as well.  Through the years, as the boys become invested in the camp, they take more ownership and pride in all the camp has to offer.  To some extent the volunteers come and go but there is a real strong core of people who have been with the camp for the long term.  We also have been lucky in the past to receive some donations from individuals or companies who might have a surplus something that adds to the camp.  Sometimes many of the volunteers bring up something of their own to help the camp. I know that is the case with much of the kitchen gadgets that the cooks have fun with.  It's also the case with the generator that helped our refrigerators survive and keep our food cold, and the fishing MB instructor who brought the fishing tackle.  Another example is in the past we have had a dad who was a photographer and when he came to camp, his main "job" was to photograph things.  He wasn't able to make it this year, so the photos are less than they have been.  There are many other similar things, and as these volunteers come and go, so do the extra items.  But the core stuff, our troop owns and I am grateful for all the scouting families before me who got the camp started to what it is today.  

We had a campfire Friday night.  I'm guessing that people were caught off guard (and were busy with other stuff) so the skits weren't as good as they had been earlier in the week.  I have to give the boys credit though.  They managed to pull together and at least try to have something.  Some skits worked better than others.  

End of camp Saturday was tearing down the last minute things like tents and personal items.  Once that was done, we ate a quick cold breakfast and the scouts with their drivers were on their way.  Then there was another couple hours of some committed adults to wrap things up before they could leave too.  All this was made more difficult with the continued lack of power.  As I left, I counted 40-50 trees that had been cut away from blocking the county road coming into camp.  The drive home I (and I assume others) hit some storms.  Mostly heavy rain,  But for me personally I was still a bit leery from the storm earlier in the week so there was some added stress to the drive.  

Many of you have told me how much you like reading the blog, I also enjoy writing it.  I appreciate hearing your comments, so thank you.  I hope hearing about camp will encourage you to come visit for a night or two, or the whole week.  It really is a magical place - more magical with electricity.  Everyone has some talent to share I'm sure, and if you're unsure, we can find something to keep you busy.  A motto I've heard many times in the past - If we all do a little, then no one has to do a lot.