2017 L's Blog First day at camp - Saturday

I don't have much time, campfire starts in 13 minutes (good thing I did a pre-camp trial run)!  A quick summary:

All made it to camp safely.  Due to some false intel I was feeling a bit hesitant about coming to camp this morning.  I was told there was no power, by a previously and supposedly reliable source.  Bad memories of ending camp last year.  So I was delighted to arrive at camp to see there was power and the weather was awesome.  I heard the high in Eden Prairie was 92 and the high here was 77.  No humidity either!!!!  Also the bugs were not bad - no really, they were nonexistent.  There was a breeze keeping them away.  I saw my first loon on the lake this afternoon.  There was rush hour on the lake at one point we saw 8 boats.  Dinner tonight was sloppy joes, with veggies, and chips.  Delicious as usual.  The boys swim qualed and there were various orientations for the boys and adults.  I have to say there was a lot of positive energy.  Definitely could feel from the boys their excitement to be here.  Same from adults.  Everyone was just in a good mood.  There are quite a few new adults here, so a shout out to them all for their positive energy they also bring.  One person said to me if he had known it was going to be this nice he would have taken time off from work to stay longer than a couple days. 

I was kept quite busy today with all the startup stuff.  My tent still isn't organized inside, so didn't have much time to blog either.  I promise more tomorrow.  Oh, I was able to get some pink looking decorations for the women's latrine. Right now they are outside, but I hope to get them set up inside maybe tomorrow.  No time to proof read, I hope this all makes sense.  Hi to Dean.

I'll try to get a couple pictures on tomorrow.