An awesome night for sleeping last night.  Cool and perfect.  A crow woke me up this morning, with something to crow about....apparently.  Not complaining though, I got back to sleep for a little more before the buzzer.  Which reminds me, that was a pretty SHORT wakeup buzzer, but since no boys were late to breakfast, it must have been appropriate.

My focus this morning's blog will be to figure out how to write on a computer, add pictures through my phone and submit from my phone.  If you see a picture then it worked. 

Hi Dean

The only picture I have so far is of me, and my first day getup.  I've never worn shorts at camp before, but yesterday the weather was SOOO nice, and there were no bugs, so I just wanted to keep my civilized clothing one more day.  I set a poor example, because several of us stayed with the shorts theme, and were gently chastised at the adult orientation.  ;-) Duly noted.  I'll post a picture later in the week of my regular camp getup.

I could hear the first year boys this morning just before the wakeup buzzer went off.  So either they have good internal clocks, or .....  Anyway, they sounded so cheerful and happy.  I love that! 

Breakfast this morning was pancakes, sausage, apples, oranges, bananas, milk.  As always Peanut butter and jelly and bread too.

The scoutmaster reported there were solar flares on Thursday so a possibility of northern lights.  I've only seen northern lights once in my life, and that was quite a few years ago, up here at camp!! So if anyone is reading this and sees them, that would be a reason (the ONLY reason) to wake me up!

I gotta leave to help with fishing MB.  Second adult, I don't add anything to the knowledge part.  So this will get submitted later this morning, hopefully before lunch.

ok back from lunch and hitting some frustration with this blog.  I've hit one problem after another and now need to leave to teach swimming.  I'm going to submit this and hopefully get back on again later today with a few pictures and more about the day.  Other than blog frustration, everything else is PERFECT!!