2017 L's Blog Monday afternoon

So we are all sheltering in place right now. There is/was a storm headed this way so we are taking all necessary precautions.  Backing up, it turned quite hot this afternoon, so we changed the afternoon activity from the range to the beach to allow the boys to cool off.  The beach activity was boating.  Just as we got all the boats organized, in the water with boys in them, word came down that a storm was headed our way soon, so the boys took their canoes/sailboats around the floating raft and headed back in.  They quickly put the boats on shore, and washed at the bathing station.   While all this was going on, the alumni ran to each campsite and tried to move miscellaneous stuff into the boys' tents.  After the boys finished washing, most of them went to their campsites and are sheltering in place.  Dinner is on as usual.  Mostly we've just had rain so far, with a little thunder.

Backing up, the Swimming MB went well.  We had another boy finish his swimming requirements from last year and the new boys worked on diving, as well as their sidestroke technique.  

I got out in the motorboat to be a spotter for Dave waterskiing.  Thanks Troy for getting us out for some fun!