2017 L's Blog - Tuesday evening

ok let's all reflect on that pulled pork again....

Fishing MB this morning went well but because of carelessness the previous day, the fishing equipment was all tangled up, so they spent the first quarter of the period fixing tangled lines.

I stayed to enjoy the quiet beach for the first part of second period, then went back up to make brownies.  Lunch was chicken tacos.  Think softshell tacos with Chipotle chicken, plus all the fixins.  Delicious!  Add black beans and I'd be like at Chipotle!  Also chips and salsa. Then of course brownies hot out of the oven.

Third period I don't really remember.  I got down to the beach at the end to talk to one of the boys.  Then all of a sudden it was fourth period and time for Swimming MB.  It must have been something important I did during third period....

Swimming MB went pretty good.  We got our last scout complete successful dives.  We also practiced some rescue techniques, and practiced some cold water strategies for conserving body heat.

Activity period was mile swim.  The beach staff heard about this about 15 minutes before mile swim, so there was a lot of last minute strategizing.  We were told 10 boys would attempt the mile swim, nine showed up, one made it a quarter mile and decided the boat looked more inviting, and EIGHT completed the  mile swim.  Very impressive.  We had motor boat, canoes and rowboat lined up along the route.  The boys did a great job.  The water was pretty calm so a good time for the swim.  It was a determined group.

Supper tonight was grilled chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, veggies and chocolate pudding.  A wonderful meal.  

A few more people have left camp, they are missed and the group shrinks.  

I have a few pictures to share, but I'm out of time right now.  I'll try to get going on sharing some more soon.  I decided to start a wild flower series of pictures, so I'll be sharing that when I have time.