2017 L's Blog Tuesday Morning

Didn't mean to leave you hanging yesterday, I just got lazy.  All is good at camp. After that initial rain, with distant lightning and thunder, the rest missed us and we had a nice evening at camp.  

Most importantly I need to talk about supper.  We saw the smoker smoking all day with cords hanging out of it (should have taken pictures) and knew something good was coming.  The menu was pulled pork sandwiches with homemade BBQ sauce.  I'll let that sink in a little before I go on.  It deserves some reflection time.  burnt tips, smokey flavor, tender tendrils of pork.... I wish I could have eaten more.  I had a sandwich, then for seconds I just got a small mound of pork to eat with sauce.  Still thinking and reflecting.

Then also deserving a paragraph unto itself is the cornbread.  Nice thick, huge, warm, tender, chunks of cornbread. Delicious.  I also got a small extra piece for seconds.  I didn't need that. But oh boy was that good!

Also coleslaw, baked beans, veggies. These were all wonderful too, but definitely took a second or third place to the pork and cornbread.

I thought there was a campfire last night.  It had been told to me by a reliable source that there would be one, there always is on Monday, but it wasn't on the schedule and apparently the schedule won out.  I was at the beach enjoying the beautiful night of watching the sunset reflected on the clouds in the east.  I actually got cold - not complaining by any means, it was welcome after a very hot afternoon.  I think when I checked maybe around 8pm it was 70 degrees and still 85 back in EP.  Also a very comfortable dewpoint.  Anyway, back to the lack of campfire, so we all just had a free evening.  I was looking forward to an early bedtime, but the scouts were ambitious.  There in the dark of night they were all busy working on Leatherwork MB.  There was quite an activity going on at the scout tables by the A Frame.  Impressive how it was all organized.  I wish I had thought to take a picture.

I've got a few itchy bites today.  Nothing bad yet, but I'm guessing some deerflies got me yesterday during that whole boating activity, turned bathing time, turned batten down the hatches.  The worst bites in previous years are always on my feet, and these were on my arms and legs, so definitely more tolerable.

I went to bed early and slept until the buzzer.  There was an occasional loon call throughout the night.  Perfect temperatures. 

Breakfast this morning was french toast, bacon, apples, oranges.  As a special treat for the adults, the cooks experimented with homemade, smoked bacon.  I'm told it was quite wonderful and a nice surprise.  

Walking to breakfast I remarked to myself how nicely the new to camp parents this year have fit into the camp life.  I know there is at least one who doesn't camp much.  I just see nothing but smiles, and help and seamlessly fitting in.  Word has it there was a dead, baby possum in the shower building.  One of them moved it off to the side and carried on.  

There was a small prank of chairs and random things in the field this morning.  Since there hasn't been many pranks the last two years, I'm happy to see they are trying.

Off to "help" with fishing MB.  I think I also need to make brownies sometime today.  That will occupy my morning.  Not baking the brownies, but determining WHEN I will make them.

Ok now really need to get down to the beach.