2017 L's blog Wednesday evening

We just finished campfire.  There were a couple of skits and then we had a ceremony to retire a flag.  I've never been part of this ceremony before, so it was a moving experience for me.

Lunch today was Grilled Cheese sandwiches.  Most were made with margarine but the cooks beta tested using mayonnaise instead for a couple and that was mine.  Tasted great!  We also had a choice of doctored up Tomato Soup (spices, whole milk) or Chicken Noodle.  I didn't have the chicken noodle, but I'm guessing that was doctored up as well.  Also veggies, and finally brownies HOT out of the oven.  I mean hot as I had just taken them out as we were eating.  They were slightly gooey.  No one complained. 

Third period I watched the boys in the sailing and canoeing MB.  They all looked like they were having so much fun.  Lots of confidence in the sailors and giggles and laughter in the canoeists.  

Swimming MB we cranked through some more requirements of surface dives, survival float, and more types of rescues.  

Activity period was quiet with me going back to campsite to try to find things I had lost, and hanging out at the beach enjoying the water.

Open swim brought us back to the raft. We missed it the last two days because of weather and the mile swim.  The boys had fun out there as always.  

Not as many adults in camp as we had in previous days and you all are missed.  While there are still plenty of adults, it still seems quieter.  But even as we've had some leave, we had a new arrival today - another female.  So now there are three of us.  Welcome Josie.  

Dinner tonight was cheeseburgers with fixins, french fries, veggies, fruit, pickles. Delicious.  There is always a lot of camaraderie among the adults during meal time and it is an enjoyable time.  

After dinner I took a quick break down by the lake, then I sat in on a board of review for a Tenderfoot scout.  Congratulations to him for his next rank advancement.  

Back to the beach on another beautiful evening.  There was hardly any breeze yet the bug weren't too bad.  

Time to turn in for the night.