2017 L's Blog Thursday morning

Only two full days left.  Great sleep last night.  I think my best sleep yet.  We had another adult arrival last night who I just saw this morning, and a day only arrival today - Hi Dean!  Just in time for breakfast. It is nice to see new arrivals.

Breakfast today was pancakes, bacon, fruit.  I somehow made it onto the beta test team for the cooks.  Score!  There are only four of us, so far, on the team.  So today they sampled homecured garlic spiced bacon, and honey bourbon bacon.  Delicious.  

I found some Benadryl cream that at least for the moment is giving me some survival.  I will say that this problem isn't widespread among people at camp.  I am just particularly sensitive to itchy bug bites, and they seem to like me.  Also, being wet at the beach seems to draw their attention even more, and that is me all day. AND they accumulate, so by the end of the week there are a bunch.  Still paradise.

I'm including a couple pictures.  One is of the homecured bacon before slicing.  The other is of a scout assisting people handing out paper towels for cleaning their trays.  I haven't been taking many pictures, I'll try to get a couple from some others.