2017 L's Blog - Friday evening

It's now Friday evening.  We just weathered a storm while we were trying to pack up camp.  We had a about a two hour warning so all was good and we were ready.  So this will be a bit in reverse order.  After open swim the boys all helped tear down the beach to load things into a truck and put beach stuff away in storage. Then the boys were released to go secure their campsite.  We hurried through the pre-dinner routine and got everyone eating - steak night.  It was quite good food - steak. fried onions, crispy onion rings, mushrooms, green beans, cheesy potatoes, baked potatoes, baked sweet potatoes...  Probably a few things I missed.  These cooks really go all out.  More on that later.  So I think most people were about 3/4 done with eating and the wind really gusted and we all decided it was time to go to the storm shelter.  After last year no one really wants to mess around.  Much easier when we are all close to the shelter anyway and it is daylight.   So we stayed in the shelter for what seemed like 30 minutes.  Just a lot of wind and rain and thunder.  Everyone was in good spirits and lots of just general conversation.

Once we were confident the lightning was passed far enough away, people were released and they found their food trays and finished eating.  There was one adult tent that wasn't staked down that tipped over.  I'm not sure of other damage, but nothing that I'm aware of.  

Earlier today after lunch I was at the beach, mostly for me just relaxing, my last time at the beach.  

Swimming MB went well.  We had two boys leave earlier this week so we were down to three.  We were able to finish off all the out of the water stuff. and then the boys were allowed to snorkle. They had fun with that. and one of them did a nice job of finding stuff in the bottom of the swim area.  He found a nice pair of goggles.  The three of them still have one last requirement of discussing with me the health benefits of swimming.  I want them to research it a tiny bit before the discussion. 

During adult swim I was able to start and bring up to date all the blue cards.  That always is a big job.  Then open swim.  Nobody from NODEATH came to swim.  There really aren't that many still in camp, and the ones that are were pretty busy with either dinner or camp closing jobs.  

This evening has been focused on closing down camp.  Lots to do.  I've been trying to grab he scouts who are almost done with my Swimming MB to finish up some of the out-of-the-water stuff.  

I believe there is a campfire for tonight.  The boys have been talking about having skits, so that is good!  Someone has been inspiring them.  There are quite a few new parents in camp and they have brought a lot of energy and inspiration.  

Back to the cooks.  They are so positive and clearly they enjoy what they do.  But one of them told me he has to take 10 days of vacation to do this.  Then 80 hours of preparation  before hand.  They wake up at 5 or 6 every morning to make a nice hot breakfast, and I often see them in the kitchen at night preparing something for the next day.  In addition to the cooking there is lots of cleaning.  They are very particular with how they want things done.  We need to do something to make this sustainable.  

This might be my last blog.  I don't know I will have time to write again tonight or tomorrow morning. The morning consists of regular wakeup time.  Instead of going to breakfast at wakeup though, everyone tears down their tents and campsites.  Once all is packed, we meet at the A Frame and do last cleanup of the camp, pack into trailer, eat breakfast, then the bosy head out.  Adults stay behind to help pack up some of the last minute stuff and they all hope to be on their way by noon.  

Thanks all for sticking with me throughout this blog.  I know the comments have been turned off and I don't know how to turn them on.  I've heard people like reading this, so I just keep writing.  Maybe I can retire from teaching Swimming and just do brownies and blog.