2017 L's Blog - Friday morning

I didn't get a chance to charge my phone yesterday so I came to charge my phone first thing this morning.  I always keep the charger in the same place and it wasn't there.  I spent the morning, before, during and after breakfast searching all through the upstairs of mainframe to no avail and it was a lost, frustrating start to the morning where I had planned to do other things - namely write the blog.  But just as I was leaving to help with Fishing MB the cord turned up, so the rest of the morning was spent trying to get my mojo back.  

Fishing went well.  We don't have a motor boat today, so it was fishing off the dock.  One boy caught a sunny.   They also reviewed the many other parts of the MB.

Second period I stayed at the beach to chill, and then went to the kitchen to make brownies.  The cooks are always so nice to me and time spent with them really helped lift my spirits.  They also let me play a couple songs from their library (Let it Go, and Piano Man) which helped with the adjustment.  Thank you Brian, Nate and Mike.  You help make this week sooo enjoyable!!

All is good now.  I had some time to bring the blog back up to date.  It is soon time for lunch.  Today is NODEATH lunch which always is entertaining.  There aren't many NODEATH around at the end of the week, so I'm anticipating a calm serving.  We shall see....!

(A note, I haven't taken the time to edit my entries the last couple of day, so my apologies if things aren't completely clear or lack proper grammar.)