2017 L's blog Friday morning (stuff from Thursday evening)

This all was started Thursday afternoon and evening but I kept getting interrupted and not able to finish:

Welcome to Dean who arrived this morning.  It was fun for all visiting with him and hearing about current things with him, but also about past troop activities.

This afternoon was a struggle for me.  The temps were up, sightly, and the humidity was way up this morning, although it wasn't quite as humid this afternoon.  I think a week of camp just started to wear on me and I was exhausted.  I managed to sneak in a quick 10 minute nap after lunch and that helped me power through the rest of the afternoon.  Still tired though.

Back to morning.  Fishing MB.  Our last day with the motorboat so they took two out across the lake to try fishing in the shade.  The other two went out in the rowboat and fished closer to camp.  There are a few pictures I'll try to load.

Second period I really don't remember what I did.  Oh yes, the beach staff just hung out at the beach and enjoyed the quiet time. 

Lunch was Bratwurst and/or chili hotdogs with fixins.  And some other stuff I don't remember.

Afternoon I watched the end of canoeing, and sailing, then helped the boys finish requirements on Swimming MB.  They had the long swim.  All but one completed it and we will have time Friday to do that again.  Then we did the fun thing of jumping in the lake with all clothes on.  This was removed from the requirements a couple years ago, but when the older boys heard it was removed they were all disappointed because they all remember it and thought it was fun. So being that it isn't a requirement, the boys don't have to show competence, so the goal more is to just have fun with it and make an attempt at doing it. The boys swim out to the raft and we bring their clothes out to them dry.  They put them on (over suits), and then one at a time they jump in and take their shoes off.  Then they try to make a seal around their neck and mouth and blow air into their shirt to make a flotation aid.  Then they take their pants off, tie the legs together and put air in the pants to also make a flotation aid.  A lot of the swimming MB has a focus on safety, swimming ability is only part of the badge. This was a fun thing for the boys.  It is actually a very difficult thing because they used to do all of this while treading water.  Now that it isn't a requirement, I let them hang on a tube while taking off and tying.  

I can't really remember what I did during activity period.  I'm sure it was something important. 

There are some new ladies in camp, so I'm glad to have company.  One other was with me all week and she really did a wonderful job of fitting in, helping, yet not getting in the way.  I enjoyed her being here. 

Open swim was more or less uneventful.  The older boys were caught up on some other things so it was just the younger boys on the raft.  Fun to see them enjoying the lake.

Pork chop night with mashed potatoes, apple sauce, corn (many remarked how good the corn was!), salad, oreos.  I was still dragging so didn't even finish all my food.  Evening I went down to the lake and managed to get in another nap, which really improved my disposition. 

Campfire the skits were MUCH IMPROVED from many years.  The boys took to heart researching ideas from the skit book.  After campfire was OA campfire.  The fire, as always was quite impressive.