2017 L's Blog - pre-camp

Woo Hoo Camp is almost here!  What are you looking forward to at camp? For me there are many things, first and foremost being sleeping outdoors, and falling asleep and waking up to the cool outdoor sounds that can only come from being in the wilderness.  I'm also excited to spend time on a lake, spend time with friends, make a difference in boys' lives, and eat good food.  Of course there are many other things too.  

We have our final meeting to prepare for camp tomorrow, Monday night.  I (and others) will be available after the meeting if anyone has questions. This will be a busy meeting with lots to cover.  In preparation I suggest reading the camp packet if you haven't already.  Both boys and their parents should be familiar with all the information in the packet, and it would be good to discuss parent expectations at camp with their sons. There is also a handy packing list there too.  

I've started to gather stuff for camp (a first for me, usually I wait till last minute) and am making a pile in my dining room.  It took awhile but I (well, Jeff) finally found my headlamp.  Also my missing drysack turned up in my Swimming MB bag.  Whew.  I also splurged and bought another long sleeve button down shirt at goodwill.  So now I have the light purple one and the new dark blue one.  The last big thing is I need to do is put seam sealer on my not-old tent that has a leaky rainfly.  

As always, my blog will focus mainly on MY OWN experiences at camp.  Since I spend most time at the waterfront, that will likely be most of my comments.  As I hear stuff around camp, I might pass other things along too.  Since I love food, I also give lots of info on our menu.  I'll probably post one or two times a day, depending on time and access.  I'll try to learn how to add pictures too.  Maybe I'll try to add a random one here just for practice.

If you haven't yet, check out how to send mail to your son.  Some parents send mail/packages through US Mail.  If you do that, think about sending a few days early.  There will be adults at camp starting Thursday to receive mail.  Otherwise email is most welcome and there is a link on the Voyager Bay web page for emailing your son.  The boys really do like hearing positive thoughts from home.  

I like mail too, so let me know you are reading and I'll give you a shout out.  Yay Dean!

Finally, last year I spent quite a few days at camp as the only female.  I think I whined about it so much that I believe there will be a few ladies spending the week with me.  Woo Hoo!  

June Canoeing Campout