L's Blog 7/14/18 First day of camp!!

Welcome to Camp! I arrived at camp about 12:30 just as lunch was being served to the pre-crew.  I thanked them for waiting for me to arrive before they started lunch.  I quick whipped up a box of brownies for the precrew before all the busyness of the boys being here starts.  Lunch was sandwiches, chips, veggies, etc.  Then I unloaded the car at the beach and our campsite.  We were asked to used a different platform this year so they can replace, or fix up, the deck of our usual platform.  So we are just across from where we were in Ewok.  They put caution tape around “our old” platform.  Then I spent the last couple hours of peace and quiet at the beach.  A lovely place, the water was so calm, only a few boats on the water.  The boys arrived about 2pm.  They unloaded and set up their camp.  Then orientation at the beach, range, and forge.  The kids seem pretty excited about the forge.  

Oh I forgot, the boys tour this year was Fort Ripley.  They loved the tanks and the outfits and souvenirs.  I think they all bought something - canteen, silverware, helmet, hats.

After orientation was swim quals and that all went fine.  No time for the raft though.  Then it was group pictures, assembly, and finally dinner of homemade sloppy joes, hand cut potato chips, veggies, apple.  

A few visitors in camp:  Michaels Mom and brother drove him, and stayed until supper, we couldn’t convince them to stay for dinner though.  Jonathan and his son Aleksander, from Pack 348 are visiting for the day and through tomorrow.  They also attended the tour at Fort Ripley.  It is always fun to have new visitors at camp, because we like to show off the good thing we have going here.  There were also some other first time parents, and a parent with her young son.  There were a lot of visitors today.  

A new scout Roman, his dad donated these really cool camo hats with lights on the brim.  The boys are all wearing them proudly. I think there are a number of adults who are jealous of these cool hats. 

A hot day and still evening.  I believe this is the last hot day, and we are looking forward to perfect weather for the rest of the week.  

Campfire, the first skits were quite nice.  Then the boys got more brave and they added in unplanned stories and skits. It was fun to see them get creative, but the “preapproval of skits” kinda went out the window.  All was good.  

After vespers we all went back to our campsites.  

Another new and exciting thing about camp - WiFi!!!  Well we’ve had wifi around the A-frame for a long time, but now there is a huge tower (think like at a TV station sending a signal) that blasts wifi to the beach and the adult campsites.  Sadly I’m told it doesn't quite reach to the campers in the parking lot, but baby steps.  I’m just grateful it will reach down to the beach.  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to write this blog from the beach.  I’ll try to include some pictures.  Understand it is quite a feat that I figured out how to do this blog today.  It will take a bit to figure out adding pictures again.  I did it last year, I know it can be done.  

Time for bed for me.  More tomorrow.