L's blog, Sunday morning, 2018

Good Morning!  I wish I could tell you I slept well and all is right with the world, but sleep was elusive for me last night.  I guess I wasn’t tired enough. That shouldn’t be a problem tonight.  I’m not sure what my problem was.  It cooled off nicely - 69 degrees at midnight when I checked, but the dew point was 62 so it was still quite sticky.  I should have cooled off in the water yesterday, but there just wasn’t enough time, or so I told myself.

Some of the sounds I heard from my tent last night:  The big snorers weren’t close to me, so I didn’t have that sound.  Pretty late I did hear a loon, first for me this year.  I also heard frogs in the distance.  A friend once told me the frogs that sound like a banjo are green frogs, so I think this was a whole chorus of those, although they were in the far distance so it wasn't loud.  I also heard a Barred Owl.  And I think fireworks.  None of it was loud, or enough to keep me awake, yet I stayed awake.  I forgot to mention I did see my first eagle yesterday at the beach.  

Cooler this morning, but still sticky. There is talk of rain this morning.  I hope when the rain leaves, it takes the humidity too.  Currently at 8:30AM it is 71 degrees with a dew point of 64, somewhat overcast.  Generally comfortable.  No breeze though, so the mosquitoes are lingering. 

I need to correct something from last night.  I was told there was wifi from the adult campsite to the beach, but I only experienced it at the beach.  Last night I looked for wifi at my tent and didn’t get it.  Bummer.  I’ve been told it is still a work in progress, so there is still hope.  I need to post a picture of that tower, but first I need to figure out how to post a picture.  Also a work in progress.  

I was informed this morning that one of the alumni was weed wacking the beach during precrew when he angered up a hornet’s nest. He has a nicely swollen hand.  He estimates he got between 5 and 15 stings.  While of course I’m concerned for him, I’m also concerned about the beach.  I’m told that nest was taken care of - by the guy who got all the stings.  Have I mentioned what a great group of people are up here?

This morning as I type this, at the beach, I am hearing a loon.  Pretty constant calls and now I can see it too.  It seems like a couple are calling back and forth to each other.  Not a single boat on the water.

I did hear a new scout got zip-tied into his tent last night.  Sounds like he rolled with it fine and viewed it as a badge of honor. Whew.  It doesn’t always roll that way.  

Well, I’ve got a big day ahead of me.  Currently I’m watching canoeing MB, then I’ll need to put in my contacts.  Then a big decision of whether I make brownies for lunch or supper.  That should about take care of the morning. I’ll also try to check in with some of the new people at camp, make sure they’re getting their questions answered.  

That’s it for now.  Oh, the lake is like glass.