L's. Blog - Monday morning 2018

Good Morning and what a wonderful morning it is!  Lots to talk about already so I’ll get right to it.  First and foremost I had a great night sleep. It wasn’t long, but what I got felt wonderful.  

Backing up to yesterday evening.  After signing off here, I walked to the veranda and visited with the gang there.  Many were inside the screened tent but there was overflow outside.  I sat outside (my choice) and was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t get eaten alive by mosquitoes.  We all visited and shared stories, and for the new parents it was a nice bonding time and a good chance for them to hear some of the camp stories.  

After visiting I went to the latrine, and coming out the dogs decided I was an intruder and announced that I was leaving the latrine.  They kept barking - Charlie in particular - until I walked up to him and he recognized me.  

I was late getting to sleep, and woke around 5am and couldn’t get back to sleep. So not a long sleep, but a good one.  I felt wide awake and was disappointed to check the time to see how early it was.  I was also disappointed that I didn’t remember hearing any loons overnight, and just as I thought that, I heard one in the distance.  I stayed in bed and maybe lightly dozed here and there, when the dog started barking again after 6am.  I figured it was someone coming out of the latrine again.  So anyway, my purpose here is sharing how even the dogs have a part in the camp and are a part of the village. These two dogs are very well mannered (usually) and are well managed by their owners (scoutmaster and committee chair) and are appreciated for their presence here.  

Continuing the theme of animals, the camp director mentioned he saw a deer walking through and around camp last night.  This morning the canoe MB team also reported they saw a deer along the shoreline.

I watched the canoeing MB practice different strokes for navigating a canoe, going forward, backwards, sideways.  Did you know a canoe can go sideways?  They also practiced switching places in a canoe.  Two boys are in this MB and it was so peaceful to sit on the beach and watch them.  

Reports from the kitchen:  Egg bake and biscuits.  The talk of breakfast was the monster portion of egg bake.  I should have taken a picture.  The pieces were gigantic - I asked for half.  They had hash brown potatoes and sausage in them.  Also the cooks have been smoking homemade bacon, so I think that will be making an appearance soon.  I hear it’s smoked pulled pork for dinner.  I think it’s my favorite meal.  The cooks apparently made chocolate chip cookies late last night because they snuck me one.  Delicious!  Shhh..

I just watched a pair of loons chasing each other across the water. 

The forge: I meant to visit there this morning…and forgot.  But a parent was there and talked about how amazing that MB is and how patient and knowledgeable the instructor is.  If I’m able to, I’ll include a picture.

Mail: It was remarked by the camp staff that they have noticed that the daily ‘Treat’ mail hasn’t been coming and were wondering what is up with that. 

Another boy arrived last night.  He had a baseball tourney over the weekend.  

Garage: It got cleaned out yesterday morning.  It looks pretty amazing.  I saw all the action.  Everything was taken out and littered around the door.  There was someone doing something up in the attic.  I don’t know what all was done, but to go in there now it looks like a different place.  The floor is completely empty and it looks very organized. 

Adult Gun night:  It was fun.  It was loud.  Cool guns. The mom I spoke with thinks she got five or six turns.  Everyone up there really enjoyed it.  Another dad said he doesn’t know where he would ever get that opportunity to try that variety of guns.  It was incredible.

Fifth period team building went well yesterday.  One group of boys had to work together to move a bucket without spilling it and without moving it with their hands.  The boys did really well working together with it.  The other half of the boys did a delta activity.  Another group made para cord bracelets.  It's so nice to have this activity period organized. 

Weather is beautiful.  About as perfect as it gets.  I think when I checked earlier the dew point was 55, temp 69, light breeze, sunny and blue sky.  It doesn’t get any better than this.