L's Blog Monday night - posted Tuesday morning

End of the day Monday.  So much happens each day so if I don’t write right away, I forget.  Part of that is my brain getting a bit mushy at camp.  

Lunch today was Mediterranean (Greek).  Awesomely delicious.  Spiced chicken on a pita with Greek yogurt sauce, feta, veggies, hummus. This was new this year.  Last year they made something similar, but I think another meat.  The chicken was a great addition. It is always amazing the pride the cooks take in making their meals special.  Today they even had entree description cards, and eastern Mediterranean music playing.  I took pictures and will try to post one or two.  

Third period I prepped for fourth - Swimming.  We had great success in Swimming today.  They completed again a good number of requirements. We practiced rescue options that boys should use that don’t put themselves in harms way.  We also practiced ways to stay warm if stranded in cold water, and finally did five minutes of survival float.  They had fun.  We also talked about the eight points of safe swim defense and they all promised to read it in the book before tomorrow.  They need to tell me about safe swim defense.  

After fourth, I ran up to the kitchen to make brownies so they would be hot for supper. Then ran back down just in time for open swim.  They did fine at open swim, but the lifeguards always feel things get a bit more rough than necessary.  Quite a few buddy checks were called.  There were some fun things.  The boys all coordinated to make a human motor by kicking at the side of the platform to try to get it to turn.  They also coordinated attacks by patrol.  

The loon family stays quite close and we see them pretty much all day. 

After open swim it was time to head back to the main area for supper.  Supper tonight was my favorite - award winning Pulled Pork, on a bun, roasted vegetables (amazing!), cornbread, and of course brownies.  I almost forgot to serve the brownies and some people were getting up to wash trays when I remembered.  I think most found me.

After supper the beach had activity - canoeing.  There were going to be four adults going out in two canoes, but at the last minute one of them needed to leave because her ride was leaving.  So I stayed back also.  I was disappointed to see this mom go because we had a lot of fun together and she and I think alike so we were good at bouncing things off each other.  She will be missed.  

After canoeing Jeff and I sat at the beach until time for campfire.  We were a bit late to campfire and I’m not really sure what was going on.  Apparently the person who left didn’t have a chance to approve skits before she left, so there was a lot of silliness and spontaneous stuff.  Also something about a rock, which apparently became all their new best friend.  I don't know, it wasn't clear to me. 

Then I went to the top of the A-Frame and tried to do some Amazon Prime shopping.  There were a few of us up there, so it was mostly just lighthearted conversation about what we might buy, and how long it takes to ship.  

Some other things about today: 
I’m hearing an owl tonight.  Also loons.  

The dog announced my leaving the latrine again tonight.  

I’m typing in my tent, I’ll save it, and submit in the morning when I’m on wifi.  Wifi in the tent would be nice.  

Weather stayed perfect.  I think we are hearing rain for Thursday.  Bummer.  

Good Night.