L's blog, Tuesday afternoon, 2018

Coming to you again from Voyager Bay on Tuesday afternoon.  Things are like a well oiled machine today, everyone is doing their thing.  Weather is beautiful, bugs aren’t bad, lake is like glass as I sit here looking at it now.  

Breakfast this morning was French toast, bacon (home cured, home smoked, fabulous) apples, oranges.  I need to remind myself to chose my “seconds” wisely, I don’t need to go home with extra pounds put on.  Lunch was Tacos.  Now these aren’t just any tacos.  I saw the cooks prep them while I was in the kitchen making brownies.  They cut up chicken and cooked it on the griddle with extra taco seasoning, and then cooked it again.  This was quite a process.  The tacos were soft shell with lettuce, cheese, tomato, onion, onion with cilantro, cilantro, sour cream. Of course there were the brownies I barely got done in time.  They were a bit gooey, maybe too gooey.  

I did make it to the forge today to see the metalworking MB in action. I didn’t stay long but it was quite impressive.  The boys are very lucky to have this MB offered, and the instructor is very knowledgeable and patient.  He helps the boys figure out how to get their project just right.  The instructor wasn’t able to come to camp last year, and isn’t always available, so for the boys to get it this year is a treat.  

Speaking of treat, I did see three “Treat” letters come through yesterday at supper assembly.  

The canoeists swamped their canoes today and seemed like they enjoyed that.  Sorry I didn’t get pictures.  

Our beach director Kevin witnessed “our” baby loon almost get taken out by an eagle.  I wasn’t there - making brownies - and he was sitting at the beach when an eagle swooped over the beach real low.  When the eagle got out of sight to the left he heard a bunch of scolding from the loons so walked out on the dock to see the fracas with the loons and eagle.  I think it sounded like the baby loon made it safely for now.  

We are looking at making great progress on the Swimming MB this afternoon, and a few of the boys will hopefully make a try at the mile swim.