L's blog, Tuesday evening, 2018

Tuesday evening.  
Sitting on the dock of the beach enjoying the loons who are fishing right off the end of the dock.  It's an adult and a baby.  A second time today we saw an eagle swoop down and the loons make a flapping noisy ruckus.  The eagle flew away but we just couldn’t tell if he got the baby.  But tonight we see the baby, so it will live for another day. 

Mile swim was tonight.  Given that the water was like glass made it almost ideal conditions.  I was thinking we had decided during a parent meeting that we would do this every other year and this year would only allow those who didn’t do it last year, but we ended up opening it up to more boys and we had eight attempt the mile, with seven finishing.  It was impressive every one of those seven whether he finished first or last.  That was a lot of work and it took grit, perseverance determination, and persistence.  There was almost a photo finish at second place.  The one who spent most of the swim in third place really poured it on at the end, and the one in second place also poured it on.  It was a sprint and the final tapped the jug an arms length in front of the other.  You’ll have to check with them to hear who was who.  

Swimming MB I believe finished all but one of the in-the-water requirements.  We didn’t want to do the Big Swim right before the mile swim, so we practiced strokes and then let them play out at the dock for the last five minutes.  

Supper tonight was chicken, potato salad, carrots, celery, peas.  I’ll try to remember to post the menu they posted for today.  They really have fun with the cooking.  

Our ranks are shrinking.  Each day another person or two leaves.  This is the quiet part of the week.  

Some of the boys are looking tired.  They are up late, and up early.  And busy the whole time.  Especially the younger ones who are used to getting more sleep, this can be hard.  But they all tell me they are having a good time at camp.  

I got my first email from the Treats tonight.  I did see three envelopes yesterday.  If there were any today, I missed them.  

Temp right now at 8PM is 71 degrees with dew point of 56.