L's Blog, Tuesday morning, 2018

Tuesday morning.  I slept well last night.  

Pranks have been odd this year.  I think the boys didn’t have older boys modeling appropriate pranks for them.  So I’m hearing about zip ties, but not much else.  I think this morning zip ties for pranks has been banned, but other pranking is allowed.  I’ve never seen it quite so explicit but I think this is a baby steps type of thing.  I also hear that the rock from last night turned up gold this morning.

I slept well last night. I did have to get up to use the latrine and was worried about a dog announcement, but he slept through the door opening, or at least didn’t care. 

Each day gets a little quieter with additional people leaving.  I always miss that higher level of buzzing activity.  

This morning I will try to go to the forge to see that in action, then watching the canoeing MB.  I’ll try to find time this morning to make brownies for lunch.  

I did try adding a thumbnail into the last blog post and I think it worked, so I'll try to do it that way from now on.  So probably no thumbnails without a blog post anymore

While comments don't seem to be working on the blog, if you have questions or want to comment, you can send an email to me, just like you would to the boys.  There are directions for that on the website somewhere under voyager bay.