L's blog, Tuesday night, posted Wednesday morning

Tuesday night - posted Wednesday morning. 

After submitting the last post, the eagle came back. Third time that I know of today.  First we heard the loon.  I comment how pretty and peaceful it sounded.  Then I said it almost sounds sad. Then we saw the eagle swoop by it and the loon started flapping and squawking and flapping across the water after the eagle. The eagle was headed to where the other adult and baby were.  It swooped down and the adult with the baby raised quite a ruckus and the eagle flew away.  The eagle and the adult definitely made contact and I’m not sure how the baby was involved.  So we will see tomorrow.  

The scoutmaster found me tonight and asked if I received the link to the google photos he had sent to everyone.  I had, but I didn’t know how to move photos from my google photos to his troop one.  He stood with me and pointed out what to do…so simple.  So now I will start putting my photos there.  You all should have gotten an invite to that link.  I think you need to have a gmail account which is easy to get.  Or he thought maybe they could get you a troop370.net account.  I haven’t taken too many photos yet just because I didn’t know what I would do with them.  Now I’ll try to take more around camp and load them to that google account.  Email me if you don’t get what I’m talking about and I’ll give more detail. 

It didn’t seem as dark tonight.  All week not only has the moon been a tiny sliver, but early in the evening it is low in the sky. Tonight it was a bit higher, and more than a sliver.  So now walking on the road in the dark, I can actually see the road.  

Sounds like rain all day Thursday and possibly Friday.  That would totally be a bummer and I hope that forecast is wrong.  We really have had perfect weather since about Sunday noon.  Ending camp, especially all the work involved in the teardown is a pain when everything is wet.  

For anyone who knows Colt, the Scoutmaster's dog, he was able to climb up on the platform by himself tonight.  First time.  

Good night.