L's blog - Wednesday afternoon 2018

Wednesday early afternoon

I’ve been asking others what to include in the blog, and some have given me ideas, but I think I’ve forgotten them all.

Dean arrived right after breakfast. Everyone was happy to see him.  For those of you who don’t know Dean, he is one of the old guard for the troop and was one of the few who set the direction of the troop and camp.  I think Dean is staying all day today.  

A scout told me Bobby keeps requalifying at the rifle range.  I think there was a mention that he wants to join a shooting team at school?

New is the google photos album that I mentioned last night.  Now that it is set up I’ll walk around and take a few pictures, so my plan after writing this is to walk up to the two ranges to take a few pictures to add to the album.  If you haven’t found that album yet, I suggest finding it to see pictures from camp 2018.  More will be added throughout the week.

The cookstaff beta tested cinnamon rolls/caramel rolls this morning.  Apparently it was a fail so it will be doughnuts again next year instead of rolls.  I didn’t see any problem with them, but they didn’t meet the high standards of the cook staff.  Anyway, since I’m the brownie maker, I have access to the kitchen and therefore access to the “failed” caramel rolls.  They were delicious.  Weight loss won’t be a problem for me at camp, never is.  

I see a lot of happy, content boys during free time at camp.  

As I type this, I see the eagle again fishing along the shore.  The loon is really calling out scolding him. I’m impressed this baby manages to stay alive.  The eagle just flew low over the beach. Good thing there are no small boys around. This morning as I woke, I could really hear the loons calling on the lake. I assumed Loonicide was happening as I lay there, but the baby is still with the adult on the water.  

It’s slightly warmer today, but there is a breeze too.  I keep hearing of rain tomorrow.  That would be a bummer. 

The work on the garage continues.  There have been several trips to the dump to get rid of junk and that whole area really looks empty, organized and cleaned up.  

Ok I’d better finish this off to get up to the range to take pictures.  Maybe another entry tonight.