L's blog, Wednesday afternoon #2, 2018

Wednesday afternoon:
Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches, vegetables with ranch dressing, tomato or chicken noodle soup, grapes, apple slices, brownie.  The secret soup didn’t make an appearance.  

After lunch I went to the archery and shooting ranges to take a couple pictures.  Then I had to run back to the beach in time to teach swimming MB.  The boys did the big swim, we talked about some safety and health topics, and had some extra time so we got out the snorkel equipment and let them snorkel the swim area.  They had fun with this.  Snorkeling is a past requirement of the swimming MB that got removed a few years ago, so while it isn’t required, I still try to allow the boys to have the experience if there is time.  

Dean came down to the beach for a bit to visit.  

After Swimming MB a boy who didn’t complete this MB last year came early for activity period and we worked him through his remaining in the water requirements.  We will find time either here at camp, or back in town to finish the explain/discuss items.

Activity period at the beach was four boys for canoeing.  I stayed on shore, and a dad went out with Jeff.  The boys had fun.

Open swim.