Michael W. Blog Post - Communications MB

This week at voyager bay we found a very special rock. It all started on a Monday afternoon after the 2nd merit badge class had ended for the day. Several scouts were working on their merit badge homework in their campsites waiting for lunch when we found a wooden post in the ground. We spent several minutes trying to pull the post out and inevitably failed. Eventually, we started poking around the post with sticks slowly scraping away the dirt around it. After we had dug down about an inch with the sticks we thought maybe we will find something under this post if we dig it up. If anything, when we take it out fewer people, will trip over it. So we started digging by the end of the day we had 2ft x 2ft x 4ft hole. At the bottom of the whole right under the post, we found a rock. After celebrating the finding of the rock we wrote a presented a skit about the rock at the Monday night campfire. That night we took the rock back to our campsite and left it in front of our tents. The next morning the rock had turned to gold. How this happened is still a mystery. That evening all the patrols came together for a peaceful campfire to once again celebrate the finding and transmutation of the rock.