Sam T. Blog Post - Communications MB

Here at Voyager Bay, us Scouts have to learn to work together. This is why we have Delta, our team building class, led by Mrs. Lebens. The term Delta comes from the military’s team building exercise. In Delta, us Scouts within our own patrols (Roadrunners, Coyotes, Narwhals, and Alphas) participate in challenging activities in order to learn to work together well as a team in order to thrive in our other activities in Voyager Bay and Boy Scouts in general. One example of said activities is the Beach Ball Challenge. Two ropes are laid out on the ground on opposite sides of the field by the A-Frame and the objective is to get the beach ball from one to the other, the only rules being that all Scouts must touch the ball and you can not touch it more than two times in a row. Another activity was getting a bowl of water from Point A to Point B on a wooden board using rope and not being able to touch the board or bowl. Delta is a great way for Scouts to learn to work together and makes them better people in general.