L's blog, Thursday afternoon, 2018

Good afternoon.
After a heavy but brief rain at the end of lunch it’s been ok weather-wise.  The air was very stagnant for a bit after the rain, but now there is a nice breeze again.  As soon as it started to sprinkle all the boys made a beeline for their campsites, presumably things were left outside to get wet.  Smart they did because the sprinkles very quickly turned to rain.  My husband and I had prepared yesterday but moving all non-essential things out of our tent into our car.  Our newish tent has a drip problem right in the center and along one of the sides.  I’ve looked at it and tried to fix it but I just haven’t figured out how it’s leaking. So anyway, this morning we put an old tent fly over the current one and it seemed for this short rain to keep everything dry.  We’ve also learned to put a tarp over our bed.  Since the rain came about an hour sooner than we expected, we didn’t have our raincoat or the tarp over the bed.  All is good and dry though, so it was good to get the warning shot of the rain. 

Now I’m just getting caught up on stuff before Swimming MB starts.  We have a lot of “discuss and explain” kind of stuff.  

Still no sign of the baby loon.  There were two adults off the beach area though….

Lunch was brats or hotdogs, chili for topping, homemade mac and cheese, veggies, brownies.  

Knowing rain was on the way, I was feeling a bit down on the end of camp.  Now I’m all energized again.  Life is good.