L's Blog, Thursday evening, 2018

Early Evening on Thursday.  I’m enjoying quiet at the beach.  

Dinner tonight was pork chop night. Only it wasn’t “pork chops” per se but pork medallions.  Giant pork medallions.  Mine was truly delicious, lots of flavor, tender.  Also mashed potatoes, applesauce, raw veggies, corn.  If i spend time telling you how good each meal is, that would be all I’d be blogging about.  A year or two ago I did that, but now it’s time to share other things about camp.  But suffice it to say, the food is always good.

Some rain this afternoon, but except that rain at lunch it wasn’t hard.  I think it rained at swimming MB but we were under a tarp.  About half way through that class we heard thunder, so we packed up and moved up near the A-frame to finish the class.  Two of my scouts finished the MB today.  We will find some fun for them to do tomorrow.  The third went home early.  He has most of it finished - all of the in-the-water is finished, and only a couple discuss/explain things left.  The boys were very proud to be done. 

Activity period we had a canoeing activity at the beach.  Since we were concerned for the weather we stuck close to camp, but didn't have any issues and we made sure someone was watching the weather for us. 

Open swim again we wanted to be careful with the weather, but wanted to balance that with the boys needing activity.  Again, no weather issues.  

We had a couple parents come up to visit just for the afternoon and evening.  They aren’t staying the night.  We always like showing off camp to guests.  

Haven’t seen the baby loon, but did see a pair of adults.  So we are assuming that baby is a goner.  This afternoon we did see the eagle fly overhead.  We noticed it because the loons were really screaming and looked carefully and there was the eagle. 

A quiet evening for us at the beach.  Other adults will have adult gun night.  Then campfire.  It was a good day.  I didn’t hold out a lot of hope for the weather when we heard last night it would be rain all day.  It really wasn’t a problem for me.