L's blog, Thursday morning

Good morning.
I don’t feel like I have a lot to report, but I have a few things:
A couple days ago, maybe Tuesday (?) the cook patrol was fired from their job of serving food.  I think they weren’t maintaining adequate portion control.  The serving line has really sped up since then. 

Campfire last night was odd, more odd than usual.  Admittedly I was a bit late and missed the beginning…There was a crew of scouts “guarding” the camp director Ben, during the campfire, due to a suspected potential assassination attempt.   It’s possible NODEATH had a hand in inspiring this.  I think there was a counter suspected assassination attempt on the scoutmaster.  This went on during the short campfire, I guess it was one of the patrol’s skits.  But during the scoutmaster minute the assassination was attempted and things quickly devolved.  I believe this morning Colt is in charge.  

The rock has come up again.  I think there were clues placed around camp that would eventually lead to the rock; I think the rock was found, but maybe not through proper channels. Sorry, I know I don’t have the full story on all this.  I’m giving you the best I got, and the best I remember people telling me.  I think there also have been activities to inspire night operations.  Night ops have been a long standing troop activity, but without a lot of older boys to shepherd this along, it has more or less disappeared.  So I believe there have been some nighttime scavenger hunts setup by NODEATH to encourage this activity.  Again, I don’t know a lot about this. 

Breakfast this morning was a new batch of that delicious home cured, home smoked bacon, along with pancakes, orange and apple slices, biscuits, etc. Check the menu, I might have missed something.  

I took a couple pictures of first period merit badge that I’ll add to the album.  

Weather this morning is great.  A light haze, breezy, cool, pleasant.  I believe rain is expected, but I feel fortunate that we have a great morning.  Pork chop night.  It always rains on pork chop night.  For our prayer this morning we did Johnny Appleseed and I think that has something to do with rain too. 

Some other blog posts have gone up here.  I’ll have to read them.  I think they are from the Communications MB.  

There is a single loon off the dock.  Haven’t seen the baby yet.