L's blog, Friday morning, 2018

Friday morning:
Rained all night; my tent stayed dry.  Good news for me because other adults complained their didn’t.  Everything was dewy this morning though.  We (ok Jeff) put on an extra rainfly from an old tent so that seemed to take care of the leak we have in the “new” tent.  Gotta love when tents come pre-leaked.  I didn’t hear anything about the boys.  I know at least one ended up sleeping in the storm shelter, I think.

Rained this morning up through assembly and during serving, but now for the moment it seems to have stopped.  I think I heard it is ending this morning.  Today is a big day for cleanup, etc. so all hands on deck.  I’ll be helping during first period, nap during second - I hope.  I’ve also gotta go through some old pictures from past summer camps to load to the archival folder.  I saved that job for camp, with all the spare time I thought I’d have.  Lol. Same with typing and revising my Swimming MB notes.  

Breakfast this morning was toasted bagels, cereal, oatmeal, apples, oranges.  As usual, more than I eat at home.  There was some adult concern, coffee was slow to be brewed.  

OA campfire last night.  It was an amazing fire just as it was lit - as you might imagine.  It died down about the time everyone arrived and then was burning great as everyone left.  We have two new OA scouts.  It’s been a couple years, so it was nice to start this again.  I don’t remember it raining through the ceremony, so it must not have.  The ceremony changed this year, to make it more culturally appropriate.  I thought they did a great job with the rewrite.  Å

I just was informed that Bobby qualified on archery yesterday. 

Good music this morning coming out of the kitchen - early 70's mix.  

Since I will be busy doing cleanup, my blogs today might be scarce or very short.  We’ll see.