L's blog-Friday aft. through Saturday morning. Posted Monday

Ok wrapping up here.  A beautiful day today - Friday.

Music this morning in the kitchen was “classic rock”.  I’ll have to find that one at home. It was fun making the brownies to this music.  

Lunch today was NODEATH lunch which is basically leftovers from the week served by the alumni.  They really make it fun and the boys have been looking forward to it for several days.  There is always something new and unexpected.  Today they handed out tickets before, then drew numbers, and called the boys by number.  I had brownies for lunch to soften things a little.  It was all lighthearted and fun. 

Middle afternoon I got a weather alert about a health advisory due to smoke in the air from fires in Canada.  Who would think you’d go up north and get air pollution?  Through the rest of the afternoon the haze across the lake got much thicker and I could occasionally smell smoke. 

Swimming MB was easy since they were already done.  I gave them a choice of jumping in water with clothes on, and snorkeling and they chose the latter.  I had forgotten to tell parents about sending clothes so they said they didn’t have extra clothes.  One told me he only had one pair of long pants and didn’t want to get them wet.  Go figure, a reminder, boys really shouldn’t be wearing shorts here.  Too many bugs.  If they come home with legs that look like chicken pox, they likely didn’t wear long pants.  Just don’t even let them bring shorts.  Only swim suit and long pants.  

I continue to be amazed at the guys who work so hard, first to set up camp, they work hard all week, then work hard to take everything down.  They are a good inspiration for me but I can’t live up to that standard.  I’m just glad a few fresh people arrive these last couple days to help power through to the finish.  

The kitchen staff, same thing, precrew, all week, and a lot of cleanup up at the end, all while continuing to make meals for all of us.  

A beautiful breeze in the evening here. As I sit here at the beach I see a part of a rainbow.  Paradise.  Wifi got taken down this afternoon at the beach, but I’m still able to type a document here and paste it into the blog later.

I don’t see the smoky haze this evening like I did in the afternoon. 

Dinner tonight, awesome as usual.  Steak, fried onions, cheesy potatoes, raw veggies, apples.  

This evening the boys (and us) prepared our own gear for packing out tomorrow and cleaning up campsites.  It's cooling off nicely so I’m guessing a good sleeping night.  I’ll be tired as I didn’t get a nap in today.  

Campfire:  Better than previously in the week.  Some of the boys actually had a skit that was relevant with some things that happened in the week.  They stuck to their prepared skits and it all finished quite early.  The scoutmaster also had a good scoutmaster minute giving the boys inspiration. After the boys left many of the adults stuck around the fire (it was a nice fire) visiting and sharing stories.  It was a fun time bonding.  

Saturday morning was pack up and leave.  The adults packed themselves up first, then reminded the boys to keep moving.  We had a short quick breakfast of bagels, cereal bread, fruit, etc.  Then the boys packed into cars and left to allow NODEATH to do the last couple hours of closing camp. 

A great week.  Weather was perfect with only a short amount of rain on Thursday.  There were storms on Friday nearby, but they didn’t affect our camp.  I look forward to next year.