2018 L's blog, July 3 - 10 days till camp

Summer camp is coming.  My goal for today is to try to figure out how to post a blog and this time write up instructions for myself so the reeducation isn’t as painful each year.  Then I’m also just writing a little note to let you all know how exciting it is that camp is coming up!!  A special shout out to Dean who I know follows my blog, and at some point will check in and see this surprise.  New preparations for me this year, yesterday I sprayed four pants with permethrin, and I had a personal battery operated tent fan delivered to me yesterday. 

These are the things on my mind as I think about starting camp:  sleeping outside; the visual and audible beauty of the camp; the positive and can-do attitude of all adults at camp; time spent with friends; quiet evenings at the beach; watching the boys go from first year novices to confident mature scouts helping the next group of boys; the great food that I didn’t have to shop for, prepare or clean up; brownies; watching the alumni have fun with old and new friends while volunteering at this worthwhile camp; quality time spent with my husband; the amazing stars.

Last night we finished our last summer camp meeting and next Monday is our last parent meeting before camp.  We will, I’m sure, review all things camp related - schedules, packing lists, questions, etc.  Then it will only be a few short days until pre-crew, and a few days after that the boys will arrive.  

It sure is amazing all the moving parts that go into making this camp great and how it all fits together so nicely.  There are some amazing people who make it all come together and make it appear seamless to the rest of us.

I’m going to try to turn on the comments feature on this blog.  I’m not sure why it hasn’t been turned on in the past, so this will be a trial.  I think I have to turn it on each post, so it might be hit and miss on future blogs.  Maybe someone could make a friendly, gentle comment, so I can see if it’s working.  

A reminder that this blog is all about my own personal experiences and what I hear around camp.  It isn’t meant to be all things camp related.  I once had hopes that others would write their own perspective, even boys.  I’m still hoping for that!

Many of my faithful readers know that I’m not the best at proofreading my work, that sometimes things come out not quite right.  I do my best and we’re all ok with that!  Someone pointed out to me last week that this apparently is a family trait, and some of you oldtimers might know what I mean by that.  

I think my next post will likely be the Saturday of the start of camp.  I post whenever I get time so there could be several a day, or one encompassing the whole day.  When you check, you might want to look underneath the top post to see if there is anything underneath.  Until then.