Pre-camp work weekend

June 7&8 I was lucky enough to go with the troop to a work weekend at Voyager Bay. My goal for the campout was to try to spruce up the women’s latrine. Sure a two hour job, but I managed to turn it into an entire weekend project, thereby keeping me from being pulled into other projects. Let me tell you, that latrine looks glorious. The complete whitewash of the inside all but glows in the dark! Johann and Sam both helped me and it was fun to work with them and get to know them better.

My main reason for posting today is twofold. Sharing a few pictures I took, and trying to figure out how to write to this blog in preparation for summer camp. I know it is always a situation where I need to relearn the details. Somehow I thought I wrote up instructions last year, but can’t find them. So I’m writing up new instructions, and also next year probably won’t be able to find them.

Before we get to the pictures, let me just say how wonderful it was to be at camp. A nice group of people who all, if you can believe it, like camp EVEN MORE, than me! The weather was perfect, the food was wonderful, I made brownies (old times sake), whatever was moving outside my tent at night didn’t bust inside, I tried out Dave’s cot with mat and loved it, great company carpooling with Skoog. A week at camp gets a little long, but these short weekends make me want to go back again real soon.

Ok sorry I can’t easily see how to post pictures here so I’ll do some digging around and if I figure it out I’ll post a pre-camp work weekend part 2. For now I’ll get this posted before I accidentally delete it.