2019 - Saturday afternoon, day 1

Three tries to leave my house this morning due to forgotten things. We had rain through Garrison but dry the rest of the way. Emily day was just getting started, they put up the detour signs right behind our car…score! We arrived in camp just in time to have lunch with the precrew. Then enough time to unload our beach stuff and set up our tent when the scouts began arriving. They reported the museum was good but I didn’t get much detail. The weather is amazing after the extreme heat days in town; blue skies,sunny, low humidity, perfect. It was very hot and humid here too on Thursday and Friday. New to report, WiFi at the beach!!! That will help me getting blog posts out, maybe in a more timely fashion. Nice to see some faces from long ago here, glad to see both former scouts, and former parents here. Welcome and thanks for reconnecting with the camp and troop.

I’ll leave here with a description on my view, at the beach, ONE distant boat in sight, and quiet waves lapping at the beach. I can hear birds and wind in the trees, and buzzing.