2019 Saturday night day 1

The afternoon passed as expected. After swim qual there was a short amount of time until group picture. We all wear our camp T-shirt and this year they are kelly green with white lettering. Problems this year though because most of the shirts are form fitting and super tight, so there was a lot of trading sizes. Supper was awesome, chicken shawarma with roasted veggies. I wish I had taken a picture. It’s hard to describe but think Greek taco using naan bread, with yogurt sauce, cucumbers, tomato and feta. My description doesn’t do it justice. And if the chicken shawarma wasn’t awesome enough the roasted vegetables were so good. I would have liked to go back for thirds and fourths, but I was full after my firsts.

I mentioned there is WiFi at the beach, so I’m writing this just after sunset on the dock watching the loons just 30 yards from me near the beach. An adult with two babies. I never get tired of seeing them. Awesomely in addition to the WiFi at the beach, apparently there is WiFi at the adult sites (I haven’t checked yet) that means I can write this from bed. We’ll see!

Just got the call for campfire so I’ll get this out for now.