2019 Sunday Evening - Day 2

A beautiful day today. I feel so lucky to spend time at this amazing camp.

Lunch today was sloppy joes, chips, raw veggies, delicious

Afternoon for me was making brownies. We put the tray into the oven slightly slanted, so we ended up with thin and crispy or thick and tender/amazing. Seriously, I forgot to serve them for supper. Someone had to come over to me after everyone was cleaning up dinner to remind me to send them out, I think most people got a piece. Fourth period was swimming MB where I have three students. We swam out to the raft, practiced some types of safe rescues, and discussed safe swim defense. A good class. We had beach activity which was canoeing. Jeff went out with the boys so I stayed in and did my swim qual, bathed and visited with other adults.

Open swim was quieter than in years past. The scouts organized their shenanigans on the raft and generally did a nice job.

Supper tonight was amazing as expected. Smoked pulled pork sandwiches, coleslaw, baked beans, and warm corn muffins. That award winning pork is so tender and good. It was after this meal that I forgot and was reminded to distribute the brownies.

Tonight the scouts in the emergency preparedness MB planned and conducted a drill to the shelter, while the adults had gun night. Jeff and I enjoyed quiet time at the beach and Jeff did a little fishing.

Tonight I see Jim V preparing another of his beautiful campfires, so that will happen after dark. A good day, looking forward to another tomorrow.

a reminder for those of you reading this blog. I post multiple times a day (I only can remember a couple hours worth of stuff) so be sure to scroll down to read each post.