2019 Sunday morning Day 2

Good Morning. I had a good nights sleep last night. I stayed up later than usual with Jim V because he had one of his legendary fires built in our campsite. Adding pictures is complicated, but I’ll try to post a few pictures in a future post. It was a nice evening and we enjoyed visiting, also with Mike Z. #notafanofbugs.

I think I mentioned my excitement at having wifi throughout the camp. The beach (again I’m posting from the beach!) is great. I got into my tent last night thinking I could do a little reading before sleep and I didn’t have wifi there. I figured my tent was too far away, but this morning I found that there was an issue with the battery last nigh for the repeater (not sure that is the right term) and I was promised that will be fixed shortly. So back to being excited. Posting from my tent and from the beach is pretty much the dream.

Some of you who have been here, but maybe it’s been awhile, there are always new additions to camp. This year the most visible one is speaker high above the Aframe. So Saturday lunch before the scouts showed up there was loud music. Last night I heard taps. It sounded so professional and beautiful that I figured it must be an older scout. Truly beautiful. But then I realized it likely was these speakers. (Sorry to the scout if it really was you and I’ll give credit if i confirm it was a scout.) So this morning I discovered more of what these speakers are capable of. If any of you remember Crystal (the computer voice for the radios.) Well now she is also making her announcements from the speakers. So after the first buzzer this morning, we had the time announcement, and then some very loud wakup music. It made me laugh. For one morning. I hope I don’t ever want to sleep in some morning. ;-)

Weather last night was quite cool and refreshing. This morning it is sunny, with a light breeze and cool in the shade.

Breakfast this morning was pancakes, sausage, orange and apple slices, So nice to have hot meals ready for us.

Boat. We have one now, donated by a scout family - THANK YOU! It looks just like the boat my family had as a kid and I pulled many a skier with it. So soon Alex will give a lesson on the boat to the beach staff. This boat is so welcome for the beach from a safety standpoint. During any beach activity, namely Mile Swim, we appreciate having the nimble boat to be able to get somewhere quickly. It will also be helpful for the Fishing MB to be able to find some good fishing spots.

Ope, Alex is here for the lesson, so more later.