2019 Monday afternoon - from the boys

Ben let the boys shoot the super cool compound bow

Alphas found Kermit and are the best patrol

Currently no one has been pranked, but it’s only the beginning

Sam T defeated Bobby in the raft contest.

It gets cold at night. No it doesn’t

Food is good, love the shark sauce. Brownies are delicious.

The emergency preparedness class has run the best drill of all he drills at VB.

The canoe flipped and William went in. All is ok.

The mad pooper has ended his reign of terror.

Bobby has caught two fish. Johann 0.

Colt is cool. (Dog)

The new scouts seem to be fitting right in.

My favorite part: Bobby - open swim; Johann - a week long; William doesn’t know.

As dictated by Johann, Bobby and William to Lauren.