2019 Monday Day 2

Wow day 2 already. A perfect weather day, blue sky with some white fluffy clouds. A little cold last night, so in my mind perfect. The adults had a campfire in Ewok last night and I actually had to put on a sweatshirt. At one point there was a lot of yelling in the distance from the scouts, so I assume some shenanigans were going on. I love sleeping when it’s cold, and then pile on the blankets. That’s what it was last night. Sorry I don’t have a temperature for you, my phone died. I’m having a hard time keeping my devices charged because I like to have them with me. This morning we woke to the song “Monday, Monday”. Fun.

Breakfast was egg bake, biscuit, banana. Delicious of course. After breakfast I decided to take the “new” (to us) motorboat out for a practice. I’m sure i need lots of practice. I took a few friends along and we enjoyed a short trip around the bay. The boat ran well. I wasn’t at fishing MB but they also took the boat out to check out some new spots. I think one of the scouts caught something small. First period I made brownies for lunch, then I went back to my campsite to cut some annoying branches near my tent. Then back to the beach where I swept the motorboat, and read a book.

Lunch was sandwiches, chips, raw veggies, brownie. While we were eating one of the adults eating at the end mentioned there was smoke coming from one of the campsites. So several went to check it out. I never heard the details but they weren’t in a hurry coming back.

After lunch, I retrieved my devices fully charged and headed to the beach where I am now. So cool to see a loon in the reeds to the left of the beach, then moving further away from the back. Another one popped up near the platform. They were calling to each other and then an eagle appeared and was circling between them. The loons were really warning each other and scolding the eagle. The eagle left the area and the look close to us swam right into the beach area in front of the platform.

Now canoeing MB is going on with instructors Jeff and Kevin. Today there is one boy and one adult in each boat.

I’ll try to find out what some of the other scouts are working on and report back.

Did I I say how beautiful the weather is?