2019 Tuesday evening - Day ?

No time tonight but I wanted to get a quick note off to let you know all is well here.

Tonight the boys are occupied by clues to find Kermit somewhere in camp. It’s finding clues, deciphering them, etc. I think evening activity some were building a large, and long box for transporting the long lights we are replacing. I was down at the beach so didn’t see a lot of what was going on.

This afternoon I made brownies for evening meal. I saw the end of the canoeing MB where the two boys were learning how to jump out of a canoe without capsizing it, and get back into the canoe also. Fourth period was swimming MB where we worked on some safety lessons, first aid, and stroke improvement. Afternoon activity was mile swim. We had one adult and 5 boys attempt the mile. The water was calm, but there was enough of a breeze to keep the canoes active staying in line with the swimmers.

Dinner was chicken, potato salad, peas (with a great seasoning), raw carrots and brownies.

After dinner I went back to the beach and now am heading to a campfire in our own campsite. Jim built it before he left.

Weather was slightly warmer today but still beautiful. I hope it cools tonight for sleeping. Another great day.