2019 Tuesday morning - Day 3

Good Morning! Great nights sleep for me! Feeling good! Woke up to the time/temperature/forecast then the song “Ruby Tuesday”.

Can’t remember where I left off, so forgive me if I repeat. Supper last night was spaghetti. Super good! Homemade garlic rolls, and raw veggies. Always good conversation around the dinner table.

I’m told two scouts qualified in rifle yesterday. This is unusual that two would qualify at the same time. It was said that a light breeze kept the bugs away so that might have helped.

Lots of talk around camp about the lack of pranks. Well that ended (the lack of) and after open swim the Alpha patrol discovered their tent was missing. Lots of crabby people. I don’t think they searched too hard, but they had to eat dinner in their swimsuits. During dinner assembly their tent appeared behind the shelter, and I believe help was given to put the tent back.

Kermit is a new ghost in camp. He appears randomly and clues are given. The patrol who finds Kermit gets a prize. Trying to get the scouts moving around camp exploring and patrols working together.

Campfire last night was MUCH better than in the last couple years. Some thought was put into skits, in advance. Relevant topics were addressed such as the missing tent. Also, one of the NODEATH members had lost his engineering ring during precrew, and the beach staff found it. So that was presented with a Lord of the Rings skit by Daniel (with help from me). (I’ve never watched Lord of the Rings, so it all went over my head, but clearly everyone enjoyed the theme and got it.)

The bugs, as always, are getting to me. The deer flies got me yesterday. I’ve been being diligent about keeping my shoes on at the beach so my feel so far have been safe, but yesterday afternoon the deer flies went after my ankles. And I have a ring of bites all around my hat line; remember the gnats we had in May, same type of bites, but I don’t think they’re gnats. Others don’t seem bothered as much by the bites - likely because they’re better at DEET.

Breakfast this morning, french toast, orange slices, homemade, home smoked, home cured bacon. I forgot to mention we watched them smoking the slabs of bacon yesterday, I have a picture that I’ll try to post when I get near Jeff’s laptop.

Adults had a nice Vlasic campfire after the group campfire. We always admire Jim’s beautiful fires. Also good conversation.