2019 Wednesday Day 5

Good Morning! I was having a good nights sleep until I was awoken by a radio incident. I told the scouts this morning that I like brownies, and brownies make me happy. When I’m happy I like to make other people happy. This morning I’m not happy. The adults will get brownies tonight at supper. Otherwise good sleeping weather.

Breakfast this morning was homemade glazed (still warm) doughnuts, with a chocolate sauce make by a chef. Also oatmeal, and I feel like there was something else too. If you haven’t noticed, the menu has been in flux so the order is changing.

First period is starting so I’ll go now to watch fish MB. I plan to move the few pictures I’ve taken to the VB google photos album for you to see. It’s just too hard posting them here in the blog.

I keep forgetting to remind you of the email address. Some of the scouts are getting emails but I wasn’t sure if you all knew. I like emails too! Voyagerbay@troop370.net