2019 Wednesday day 5 evening

One of the many cool things - Jeff and I are sitting out on the dock this evening, enjoying the lake and the peaceful quiet, when we heard all kinds of rustling over by the boat dock,  Then splashing in the water.  It sounded big enough to be a dog,, but we didn’t see anything except reeds moving.  We went back to reading and all of a sudden a merganser duck pops out of the reeds and then a whole large family of about 16 Merganzers comes right up to the side of the beach (where we used to park boats) and starts splashing around and diving in the water.  Then they swam around where we were sitting on the dock and went into the main beach area and did the same thing right up at the shoreline.  Then came out again, went under the dock, diving again, and into the reeds. Super cool! I have pictures and a video.

Wake up song today was “Everything is Awesome”.  I’m actually liking the morning music, I wake up with a smile on my face.  

Other news, Someone qualified in shotgun...I think, but i don’t remember who, and that might not even be right.

The camping MB from this year and last year are going camping tonight offsite and then a hike back to camp here in the morning.  A short one, leave after campfire, arrive before first period

The first years had afternoon activity at the rifle range and shot BB gun (younger) and whatever else (older scout).  

Another beautiful day in paradise, slightly warmer today but not too hot.  A little warmer sleeping last night but still very comfortable under a blanket.

First period fishing MB both scouts caught a fish, one caught two. 

Third period canoeing, both scouts completed some very difficult skills - jumping out of and climbing back into the canoe.  Swamping the canoe and righting the capsized boat with help from a buddy boat, and getting back in.

I’ve been sitting here for about a half hour and just now the first boat is driving on this leg of the lake. I’m always amazed how quiet it is here.  

Shout out to Dean, I received my first email this week, from him.  

The first years seem to be making good progress on fast track, swimming and archery.

New toilet seat in the women’s latrine today. Between the new paint job, the new toilet seat, the artwork on the wall, the “women’s” sign, the lyme, it is back to being respectable. 

Lunch today was grilled cheese sandwiches with doctored up tomato soup, doctored up chicken noodle soup, raw veggies, and warm and fresh homemade sour dough bread.  

Supper tonight was hamburgers (so good) with fixings, frenchfries, onion rings, raw veggies.  there was lots of everything.  And brownies for the adults.  The scouts got me irritated during the night so I told them no brownies for them today.  Sorry parents, tough love.  

Campfire tonight, I have a reading about kindness for that, called Lauren’s life lessons.  Someone put me up to it at dinner a couple nights ago.  

Kermit still seem to be making for activity around camp.  He even has a green swim tag now.  

Don’t read too much into the lack of brownies tonight.  They’ve gotten them every day.  There are lots of happy voices all over camp and they are having a great time.